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WISeID delivers digital identity and PKI services. Obtain easily digital certificates to protect your email, sign documents and secure your on-line life.
WISeID Account
WISeSign is the new Cloud Signature service of WISeID. It allows you to sign PDF documents or send signature requests to other WISeID users.
This service is available for any validated account (individual or corporate) and you can try it for free.
WISeID Cloud provides a protected file storage in the cloud, in servers secured by WISeKey. WISeID Cloud can be used to store confidential documents in a personal cloud safe area and securely share with other WISeID Users, removing risks for eavesdropping and privacy loss
WISeID cloud
Benefit of our Free WISeID Applications for iPhone and Android smartphones
WISeID apps
WISeKey provides a corporate WISeID Solutions that allows you to secure the interactions with your employees and customers
WISeID for business

New types of certificates

Free Certificates

All users can get free basic certificates, which only contain your email address and are valid for three months

Basic Certificates

You can activate the optional subscription for basic certificates with a validity of two years

Advanced Certificates

This subscription will allow you to get certificates that also contain your full name and country, to provide more assurance to other people when you send a mail or sign a document. This service requires to verify your identity with our new KYC process

Advanced PRO Certificates

These certificates will contain also your company information, and are suitable for a professional use. This requires to fulfil an organization validation process, done by WISeKey

New Free Identity Validation

Now all WISeID users can verify their real identity using the computer or phone webcam to capture an identity document (National ID, Driver License, or Passports of most countries are accepted) and do a face recognition. This KYC (Know-Your-Customer) service will allow you to get advanced certificates including your name and to use the new document signature service.

Optionally you could be also verify your professional details if you subscribe for Advanced Pro certificates.


Get your Digital Identity. Easy. Now!

Create your Free WISeID Account and take your digital security to the next level. Your Free WISeID Account will enable:

  • Email security to protect to your email messages
  • Strong authentication to securely connect to WISeID-enabled services
  • Digital signatures for electronic documents 

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