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Keep your personal
data protected

Create your Free WISeID Account and take your digital
security to the next level.

WISeKey’s WISeID offers a secured storage to protect personally identifiable information (PII). Protecting your PII is important to avoid impersonation and identity theft. The personal data that you save in WISeID always stays under your control, is encrypted with strong keys derived from a password that you choose and only you know, and is never communicated to third parties.


Become part of the WISeID Ecosystem

Get your Digital Identity. Easy. Now!

Create your Free WISeID Account and take your digital security to the next level. Your Free WISeID Account will enable:

  • Email security to protect to your email messages
  • Strong authentication to securely connect to WISeID-enabled services
  • Digital signatures for electronic documents 
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Mobile security

Protect the data in your smartphone and enable new security services

Benefit of our Free WISeID Applications for iPhone and Android smartphones.


  • Digital identity and strong authentication
  • Encrypted personal vault to protect your digital assets
  • Secure your electronic transactions with other WISeID users
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WISeID Corporate Solutions

Enable breakthrough security in your company

WISeKey provides a corporate WISeID Solutions that allows you to secure the interactions with your employees and customers:


  • Simplified PKI-As-A-Service web portal to manage the accounts of your employees and customers, and allow them to get trusted digital certificates to secure your business
  • Easy integration of WISeID with your internal applications, to enable digital signatures, secure email, secure data exchanges, etc.
  • Customized user experience with branded versions of WISeID Apps
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