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Cloud Digital Signature

Paperless and environment-friendly

Cloud-based mobile signatures

With WISeKey’s WISeID Signing solution, users can create legally binding electronic signatures without the hassle of smartcards or other complex devices, enabling flexible signature and workflow processes from any device, that can be easily integrated with digital onboarding and paperless solutions.

WISeID CloudSign

How it works?

WISeID Cloud Signing is as easy as 123…

  1. An application or another WISeID User requests you to sign a document
  2. You receive a notification in your WISeID App, that allows you to see the document and sign it
  3. The document is signed with a time stamp and delivered to the requestor

WISeID CloudSign

Use Cases


Engage your customers through the web, enabling easy contract signatures


convert into paperless the corporate processes (vacation forms, expense reports…)


convenient solution to send one-to-one signing request, easy to use for small business or individuals

WISeID CloudSign


WISeID Cloud Signing brings you:

  • Legally-binding advanced or qualified signatures, depending on the jurisdiction or your needs
  • Trusted by Adobe for PDF signatures, improving the user experience
  • No need to manage hardware devices like smart cards or USB tokens: the private keys are securely protected in a Hardware Security Module, hosted by WISeKey, and the access to the key is enabled by the WISeID Mobile Application
  • Highest standards for data protection: WISeKey provides its services from highly secure datacenters in Switzerland
  • Easy to integrate with business applications
For More Information on how to integrate WISeID Cloud Signing with your business applications Contact Us