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WISeID Digital Identity

Trusted Digital Certificates


Personal identity not validated (Name doesn’t appear in the certificate)


  • Protect your email address
  • Valid for strong authentication in services using your WISeID Account



Personal identity validated (Name and company appear in the certificate)

All the features of Basic Certificates plus:

  • Document signing capability, recognized by Adobe for PDF signature
  • Access to WISeID CloudSign service for easy mobile signatures

From 9.99 USD / year

*You’ll find the options to upgrade your profile in your account details page


Our management portal for business enables you to manage the WISeID accounts of your employees and customers, enabling easy provision of advanced accounts.

WISeID for business enables easily strong authentication, Secure email and document signature across your company.

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Encrypted Vault

Personal secure data storage

WISeID Vault implements a free of charge encrypted vault that provides you a secure storage of confidential data in your personal device. WISeKey offers an optional paid “Cloud Synchronization service”.


  • Automated backup in WISeKey’s secure datacenter in Switzerland, ensuring full sovereignty of your data
  • The backup remains always encrypted under your sole control
  • Allows data synchronization among multiples devices
  • Allows data recovery if you replace your device after being stolen or lost

Price: 19,99 CHF / year *

* Available as in-app purchase in WISeID Vault

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