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Trusted Digital Identity

WISeID Digital Identity

Much more than just a Digital Certificate

WISeKey’s WISeID portfolio provides a convenient Identity Management Solution and powerful capabilities to secure online interactions using PKI technology, that can be easily adopted by the end users and seamlessly integrated with business applications.

The integration of a digital certificate in WISeID not only increases the security and trust level of our proposal against our competitors, but also enables a new set of features like:

  • Strong Authentication, for secure access to online services
  • Document Signatures, paperless and legally-binding
  • Email protection, so secure your messages with digital signatures and encryption
  • Data encryption, to protect your digital assets
Our Unique Trust Model

WISeID Identities are Trusted Identities

The Digital Identities linked to the WISeID accounts are standard Digital Certificates based on PKI technology and issued by WISeKey’s globally trusted Certification Authorities. This means that these digital identities will be automatically accepted by any software application, for uses like document signature, email protection, etc.

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